Smart Home Test Platform Now Live

Smart home enthusiasts, rejoice! We’ve added a new test platform to the Betabound community so that you can add your smart home devices to your profile. By telling us about the smart devices in your home, we can let you know first when we have a smart home beta test you might be interested in joining.

The smart home (also known as home automation) industry is exploding with products like smart light bulbs, thermostats, and security systems hitting the market daily. As you may have noticed, we’ve been running a lot of tests recently for these kinds of products. As this industry grows, we need to know who in our community has invested in this technology and would be the prime candidates to test new versions.

Filling out and updating your test platforms helps you get into tests in two ways. First, it allows us to send you opportunities that fit your interests so you can apply for them right away. Second, our beta managers look for people with current and detailed profiles when they’re selecting testers. So you can increase the likelihood of being selected for a test by making sure your test platforms are as complete and up-to-date as possible.

To add your smart home devices to your profile, log in and click the “Add New Platform” link on your community homepage.


Next, click on the new “Smart Home” button to go to the new platform.


On the form you’ll be able to give us detailed information about all the smart home devices you own.  There is no need to fill out the form multiple times for each of your devices — it’s designed to accommodate all of your existing smart devices in a single test platform. The second question on the form asks you which device categories you currently own and lets you select multiple answers, giving you the ability to record all of your smart devices in one form.


After you indicate which categories of smart devices you own, you’ll be able to tell us the brands and more information about how you use your smart home system. If you find that a brand or category is missing, or you have a recommendation for improving the form — email us at We’d love to hear your feedback.

Sign in to add your new test platform today!