Product Developer FAQ

Have a question about how Betabound can help you find testers for your product? We answer the most frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions, email us at

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What’s Betabound?

Betabound is a community of over 250,000 testers from around the world. This community takes part in beta tests run by Centercode and its clients, but any company looking for testers can announce their beta test on Betabound for free.

What’s Centercode?

Betabound is the tester community for Centercode, the industry leading beta management company. The Centercode beta management platform and managed beta tests help companies of all sizes run great beta tests (using the testers from Betabound). Centercode also has a free beta management library that features tons of practical advice on tackling every stage and challenge that you might encounter while beta testing.

How does announcing my test work?

To announce your beta test on Betabound, fill out this form. Within a few business days, one of our team members will create a post for your beta test and email it to you. The post will link directly to your site where testers can sign up for your test. Your post will be added to Betabound’s homepage and social media channels. You can request changes to your post at any time by emailing us.

Why do you do this for free?

We announce other companies’ beta tests to our tester community because it gives our testers more cool products to test, which makes them happy. It also allows us to help startups that might not be able to afford Centercode’s services or software find amazing testers, which makes us happy.

Do you announce every requested test?

No. Just because you request a post does not mean your beta test will be posted on Betabound. Our team reviews every submission and decides whether it’s a good fit for our community. To maximize your chances of being posted, please make sure your product fits the following criteria:

  1. Your product’s website (or landing page) must identify your product as being in “beta”.
  2. Your site or landing page must clearly identify what your product is, and tell testers how they can join your beta and submit their feedback.
  3. Your product should appeal to a significant enough portion of our community.
  4. Your product must be complete and reach a reasonable level of quality.
  5. You are not charging for access to your product.

If your product does not meet these criteria, we recommend coming back and submitting your product at a later date.

Can I pay you to get a “sticky” post or more exposure?

There’s no direct way to pay to get a Betabound post, everyone who submits a request goes through a review process to ensure it is a good fit for our tester network. We prioritize reviewing customers of Centercode’s Delta edition because we know the process is a win/win for both companies and testers. While it’s no guarantee, the vast majority of Centercode customers meet the criteria for posting a beta announcement.

How many responses should I expect?

Responses vary greatly between beta opportunities. We can’t promise that a certain number of testers will sign up. It depends on how intriguing your product is and what your requirements and incentives are.

How many testers do you have?

Betabound has over 250,000 registered members, located all over the world, along with thousands of anonymous visitors to the site each month.

Do I have to offer an incentive?

Testers are unpaid volunteers, meaning they’re testing your product because they love to try out new stuff. However, it’s customary for companies to give thank you gifts to their testers to show how much they appreciate their input. These gifts could be gift cards or company swag, but non-monetary gifts such as access to the product for free after launch can also be a great incentive. Not surprisingly, the tests that have incentives get the best response rates from their posts.

What should I put as my “Brief Description”?

This single line of text will be used as your Betabound post’s description. This text will be seen by testers, so the more clearly it reflects your product’s functionality, the better.

What does “Expiration Date” mean on the announcement form?

The “Expiration Date” is when either a) your beta test recruitment ends or b) the date you would like your post removed from Betabound.

Can I track how many testers click on my post?

If you are interested in tracking your post’s conversions, then provide a tracked link (like Bitly, ClickMeter, etc.) when you provide your Beta URL in Betabound’s announcement form.

I just submitted my post and it isn’t up yet – what’s up?

Our team (not an algorithm) writes your Betabound post, so it won’t go up right away. First, we’ll review your product to make sure that it’s a good fit for Betabound, then we’ll craft your post. We’ll email you soon to get your approval on a draft version of your post. If we’re getting a lot of requests it can take a few business days to put your post together. If you’d like to know the status of your post you can always email us.

Can I have testers email me directly from the Betabound post?

No, testers won’t be able to email you directly. Instead, we encourage you to send testers to a beta landing page on your site that has directions on how you’d like feedback submitted. If you’d like testers to email you with feedback you can outline that on your landing page.

Do I need a landing page?

Yes, the “Beta URL” we ask for on the announcement form should take interested testers to a landing page that clearly paints the picture of what you’re looking to accomplish with your beta. This is a perfect place to add in a lengthier description about your product (Betabound descriptions have to be kept to a short one-liner). This landing page is also a good place to explain how you want testers to participate and give feedback.

Does my product have to be in beta?

Yes. Betabound is a place to find testers, not early adopters. If your product is obviously released and your “Beta URL” takes visitors to a sign-up or free trial page then your product is not a fit for Betabound. We will only announce products that are unreleased or have a beta program to test unreleased features.

How do I remove/edit my post?

You can’t edit or remove your post yourself. If you need changes made or want your post removed, email Someone from our team will edit or remove your post.

Do you guys collect feedback for me?

No, we do not collect feedback for companies that submit posts to Betabound. To collect tester feedback, you would either have to manage it yourself or check out Centercode’s software or services.

Can you send me a list of testers’ email addresses (or other information)?

We cannot send you a list of testers’ email addresses or give you other information about them. Instead, we suggest that you collect testers’ information (including their email addresses) through a form on your landing page.

Can I recruit testers just from specific countries/locations?

Betabound has visitors from around the globe, though most of our testers live in the U.S. If you’re looking for testers from specific locations, we can include those details in the requirements section of the post, but we can’t guarantee that you will only get interested testers from those areas. Instead, we recommend having interested testers fill out some sort of qualification survey, so you know the testers you’re selecting fit all of your criteria.

Where will my product be posted?

Once your Betabound post has been approved, it will be posted to Betabound’s homepage and Twitter account. We encourage product developers to “like” and “share” these posts, and feel free to tag Betabound in your own social media promotion of being featured on Betabound (we might reshare it!).

Can I re-submit my posting?

Once your post has been live on Betabound’s homepage for more than two weeks, your post is eligible for one re-post to Betabound’s homepage (not social media accounts). If this is something you’re interested in, please email once your post has been live on our homepage for more than two weeks.

How can I be featured as a public Betabound Exclusive?

Our team hand selects beta products that are eligible for this program. If you’re interested in putting your product’s hat in the ring, please email us at explaining why you and your team would like to be considered for the opportunity to host your beta test within our platform.