Join the Eevie Public Beta Today!

This week, we’re excited to announce the launch of our latest Public Betabound Exclusive – our friends at Eevie are once again looking for enthusiastic testers!

If this is your introduction to Eevie, it’s a climate guide that helps users all over the world track, reduce and offset their carbon footprint, all with your smartphone. Longtime Betabounders might recognize Eevie from past Public Betabound tests but now they are back with new features and need your feedback.

With Eevie, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily gain a real intuition of the carbon impact of your daily actions
  • Form sustainable habits to reduce your individual carbon footprint
  • Live a carbon-neutral life by planting trees that offset your unavoidable emissions

If you have an Android smartphone or iPhone, sign up for the Eevie Public Beta here. The test will run until August 3rd so sign up today!

We know our Private Exclusive opportunities are highly competitive and have limited spots so these Public opportunities are a great way to practice your testing skills and provide great feedback to product developers.

Your participation in these public Betabound Exclusives will also be tracked and monitored by the Betabound team. This means that by participating in these public projects, your chances of being picked for our private opportunities will increase!

Join the Eevie Public Beta now!