Announcing Public Betabound Exclusives

As we reflect on 2016, we’re excited to start the New Year with the launch of a new program: public Betabound Exclusives!

Our private Betabound Exclusives can be pretty competitive, so we wanted to create more opportunities for Betabounders to participate in unique testing opportunities — particularly those that we think the whole community would enjoy! Every day, product developers request their beta product to be featured on our site. With the launch of public Betabound Exclusives, our team will be hand-selecting the coolest opportunities to be featured at the top of our homepage. In doing so, we’ll work with these hosted public betas’ product teams to ensure you have a great beta testing experience.

What makes these public Betabound Exclusives unique is that you can join them right away. Plus, these public tests are managed by the product’s developers themselves, and your involvement is totally up to you. Since there’s no application process to join these beta tests, you get to choose how much time and effort you contribute as a tester.

Like our private Betabound Exclusives, these beta tests will be hosted within our platform. So if you haven’t participated in a beta test within our platform yet, this is your opportunity to check it out! Also, participating in these public Betabound Exclusives is an awesome opportunity to show us what you’ve got as a beta tester. Your performance in these public beta tests is being tracked by our team, so doing a great job here will increase the likelihood that you’ll get picked for our private Betabound Exclusives (the beta tests you have to apply to).

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Since these are public opportunities, we can’t provide tester incentives like those you’d receive from participating in our private Beta Exclusives. However, we hope the opportunity to gain positive recognition for your tester account by sharing your feedback in these public Betabound Exclusives acts as enough of a mini incentive to increase your chances of getting accepted into our more competitive beta tests.

Even though these tests are managed by the product developers themselves, our team is still monitoring discussion posts, bug reports, feature requests, and survey results to see which beta testers are sharing quality feedback. Maybe you’re looking for a “choose your own adventure” type of beta test that requires minimal participation, or maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to go above-and-beyond and really show us your stuff. Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye out for all-star testers that we think would make great additions to our upcoming private Betabound Exclusives.

The first beta product being featured as a public Betabound Exclusive is Prattle. Prattle is an open and social communication iOS platform that lets you be a part of quality conversations by connecting you with like-minded people based on shared interests. Through our conversations with the Prattle team, we couldn’t be more impressed with their mission to, “give everyone a voice and instantly connect those voices to meaningful conversations through interests, information, and innovation.”

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One of our biggest goals is to offer an increased number of new and interesting beta tests to our community members. We understand that applying to our private Betabound Exclusives can be frustrating at times, so we hope these public beta tests will offer Betabounders a new avenue of getting involved within our community, becoming familiar with our beta testing platform, exploring new products, and interacting with other testers and product developers.

As we launch this program, we’d greatly appreciate your feedback about what you like, dislike, and (especially) what sorts of beta products you’d like to see next! We have some great public Betabound Exclusive partnerships in store, and we’re excited to hear what you think. Please email us at or comment below.

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