You’ve Got Mail! How to Hear From Us Most Often

You’ve got mail! There’s nothing more exciting than seeing an email from Betabound pop into your inbox that has a particularly eye-catching subject line like wearable fitness tracker, connected car, smartphone — you name it! Given that most Betabounders check their email inboxes for Betabound Exclusive testing opportunities, we wanted to break down how to best hear from us regarding beta testing opportunities that might interest you.

Tell Us What You’re Interested In

Sometimes more is better! The more boxes you check when filling out your testing interests, the more often you’ll hear from us regarding beta testing opportunities we think you might be a good fit for. Many individuals join Betabound because they’re interested in applying for our consumer electronics and gaming beta tests — but those aren’t the only cool products we host beta tests for! We manage a ton of great beta tests for mobile apps, wearable electronics, and more that you won’t hear about unless you’re willing to expand your horizons a little bit. You don’t have to apply to every beta testing opportunity that arrives in your email inbox, but at least this way you have the option of dipping your toe into a new product pool without feeling like you’re missing out on the fun.

Ensure Your Test Platforms Are Updated

Similar to your account’s testing interests, our team has to know what test platforms you own to send you beta testing opportunities. So, it’s important to ensure your account’s test platforms are up-to-date. For example, if we’re recruiting testers for an iOS mobile app beta test then we’ll only send that recruitment email out to testers that have an iPhone or iPad listed as an active test platform in their account. To receive the most emails from our team about new testing opportunities, be sure to double-check that your test platforms are correct.

Be Sure to Whitelist Us

Beta test recruitments are sent to Betabounders from Sometimes, email clients will mark these emails as spam. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your Betabound experience, whitelist Betabound by adding into your email’s contact list. With Gmail, this typically isn’t an issue, but if you’re using another email client (like Hotmail or AOL) then it doesn’t hurt to take this extra step.

Check Your Email Inbox Regularly

Lastly, don’t forget to check your email inbox! When we send out an email for a particularly awesome-sounding beta test, we can usually reach our tester recruitment goals within the first 48 hours. Therefore, it’s important to check your email inbox regularly to ensure you aren’t missing out on any time-sensitive beta testing opportunities. Testers frequently email us about these sort of missed project opportunities. If your email inbox is thousands of unread emails long, or if you only check-in once a month, then this could be you too! Do your best to regularly check in. Depending on your email client, you can also set notifications for emails coming from Betabound to take your email-checking one step further.

Although scanning for emails from Betabound is an easy way to keep on top of Betabound Exclusives we’re recruiting for, you can also check our homepage for available beta tests! Since many of these opportunities are unaffiliated (i.e. not managed by Betabound), you can join most of them right away. Along with checking your email for alerts from us, we also recommend bookmarking the Betabound homepage and checking in daily there!

Learn more about the different beta tests we send your way!