Welcome to the New Betabound

Today marks the beginning of a series of exciting changes we’re bringing to Betabound.

We Have a Beautiful New Design

The first thing you’ll notice is the new design throughout our entire platform. Our signature fish has been redesigned and swims proudly across the top. The rest of the site has received a face-lift as well, boasting a new design along with tons of polish and a more sleek and modern interface.


We Updated our User Profiles

Gone are the days of having lengthy Member Profile and Testing Interests forms. We’ve streamlined our profiles to two distinct categories; you now have a Basic Profile and an optional Extended Profile.

Your basic account information (email address, username, etc.) has been maintained, but in order to participate moving forward, we’d like for you to complete our new, streamlined profiles.

Announcing the Betabound Ambassador Program

We’ve long wanted to give Betabounders an opportunity to engage between tests. Our new Ambassador program is a special, opt-in group that you can join via the new Extended Profile. The goal of this program is to directly reward you for helping us find more great test candidates.

By joining the Ambassador program, you’ll be notified when we need help identifying unique testers for a project. For each tester that you refer, you’ll receive Amazon credit when they sign up and fully participate (meet expectations) in that project. In addition, we’re working to quickly add other forms of reward for international and non-Amazon users.

We’ll also be asking for your feedback on new ideas and improvements to roll out to the wider Betabound community. For more information on the Ambassador program, check out this page.

Stay Tuned

We’re thrilled with today’s update, but we’re not stopping here. We have plans to revamp and improve other areas of the site soon (We’re adding a few new Test Platforms, for example). Stay tuned – more announcements are coming!

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