Welcome to Betabound!

If you’ve come here looking for OnlineBeta.com, don’t worry; you’re in the right place. After more than ten years of successful beta testing made possible with your help, we’ve relaunched as Betabound! Along with the new name, we have a brand new website and tester experience featuring far more beta opportunities than ever before. We’ve added some great features that will revolutionize the way you see beta tests… literally!

  • Many More Opportunities: Just as with OnlineBeta, we’ll have exclusive opportunities available only to our members. They will be labeled with a “Betabound Exclusive” tag. In addition to those, we’ll also be featuring curated beta opportunities from every corner of the web.
  • Personalized Opportunity List: You are now able to customize Betabound to show you the types of opportunities that you’re most interested in. Narrow your list by category, or click the “Personalize” button to build your own filter by product type, audience, access, time frame, or source.
  • An Improved Tester Experience: Betabound is built on top of our next-generation beta test management platform. Our entire user experience has been overhauled to provide a much more polished and modern feel. Our new beta tests are far more collaborative, with features like voting, open feedback discussions, and bug hunts.
  • New Mobile UI: The entire Betabound experience is also mobile-friendly, so you can do everything from searching for beta test opportunities to submitting bugs easily from your phone or tablet.
  • Tester Resources: We’re building resources to help you become a better beta tester, starting with our new Beta Tester Blog. Each week we’ll be posting articles specifically aimed at beta testers, including resources, guides, and glossaries.

As part of the Betabound launch, we’re asking all of our existing members to refresh their profiles. This will happen automatically next time you log in. If you haven’t already, please take a couple minutes to log in now and fill out your profile information.

Finally, don’t forget to add us on your favorite social media sites. By following us, you’ll be able to keep up with the latest beta opportunities and read our blog posts the moment they’re published.


Thank you for stopping by and joining the fun!

The Betabound Team