The Lowdown on Our Detailed Signup Process

If you’ve signed up to be a member of the Betabound community, you know that we ask for a lot of information as part of your member profile. We ask things like whether you have kids, what do you for a living, and what kind of house or apartment you live in. You may have wondered why we needed to know this information for you to apply to opportunities as straightforward as a smartphone or mobile app test.

Well, the answer is simple: we ask all these questions so we can send you testing opportunities that are the best match for you. Every company has a specific target customer they need to test their product. One company might be looking for parents while another is looking for accountants and another is looking for first time homeowners. The details in your member profile help us send testing opportunities to the right community members, so you aren’t inundated with opportunities you don’t care about.

Let’s take a closer look. Your member profile is broken up into two parts: information about yourself and information about your testing interests. Each plays a role in crafting your Betabound experience.

Basic Information

The screenshot below is taken from the first stage of your Betabound sign up: providing your basic tester information.

This first part of your profile includes information about where you live and who you are. We ask about your household, your education, your employment, etc. This information allows us to connect you with companies that are looking for testers like you.

We also ask a few questions about your experience with technology. This is because our clients are often looking for testers with a range of technical abilities. They want to ensure that their products work for people who are both tech-savvy and those who are new to tech, so don’t be afraid to answer those questions honestly!

Testing Interests

The second half of your member profile is your testing interests. While the first part of your member profile helps us match companies with the testers they’re looking for, this section helps us match testers with the products they’re looking for. This is your chance to tell us the types of products you’re interested in testing so that we don’t fill your inbox with tests that aren’t interesting to you. As you’ll recall from our blog post about filling out your testing interests, it’s best to select all the products you’re interested in (or might be interested in) beta testing, rather that just a few favorite product categories.

The final question asks if you’d like to receive announcements from our partners. These are companies that are using the Centercode platform to run their tests. So their tests will be a similar experience to Betabound Exclusives, but not run by the Betabound team. They’re a great opportunity to join the beta tester communities of other major tech companies.

Our goal is for testers to have an enjoyable (and fun!) tester experience. Part of that is better understanding our testers so that we can match them with exclusive beta testing opportunities that will make the most of their testing abilities and enthusiasm for technology.

If you have any questions about being a member of Betabound or our signup process. please comment below or email us at

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