New Community Survey on Home Automation

Betabound is launching a new community survey on home automation products! We’d like to learn about your interests in home automation products, and you don’t need to own any home automation products to participate.

Recently, the home automation industry has been booming. In 2012, 1.8 million home automation device were installed in U.S. homes, with this number expected to grow to 12 million by 2016. “Smart” products having to do with climate control, lighting, security, hubs, and energy management (just to name a few) have flooded the market, making promises of increasing the efficiency and transparency of your at-home life. The goal of this community survey is to see what Betabounders think about the growing trend of home automation devices.

Surveys are a great tool for us to gain insight into the lives and interests of our community members. They also help us identify community interests, which in turn, help us run better beta tests for those products. For instance, our last community survey on wearable fitness trackers helped us understand how Betabounders use their fitness wearables, and prove fitness wearables have staying power in the tech marketplace.

We hope you’ll participate in our community survey on home automation products. When you do, you could be one of ten randomly selected survey takers who will win a prize!

Learn more about which Betabounders are investing in home automation and why!