Meet Our Rockstar Community Manager


If you’re a veteran Betabound tester, odds are you recognize the name Brad Day. As Betabound’s Community Manager, Brad has handled recruiting for some of the largest beta tests in our company’s history. Since Brad is such an important member of our team (and because we want you to like him as much as we do), I sat down with Brad to ask him a few questions about his life, personal interests, and where he thinks Betabound is headed.

Before we start, I have to say, you have quite a collection of action figures at your desk! What are they?

They’re from a wide variety of different things. I have a few Star Wars characters which is ironic because, full disclosure, I’ve never seen the original Star Wars films. I know, it’s terrible! It just never worked out for me. I also have Homer Simpson, Ninja Turtles, and a few characters from League of Legends. I also have a few Rubik’s Cubes, which I solve if I’m in a long meeting or need a break between projects.

How did you end up working for Centercode?

I actually met Luke, Centercode’s CEO, through a friend named Jeremy (who now works for Centercode). I went to high school with Jeremy — we’ve been friends for a long time. At the time, we were both living in San Diego, and Jeremy knew Luke. One weekend we threw a house party, Luke ended up coming out, we met, and the rest is history.

What were you doing before Centercode?

I was working at a small, mom and pop, computer repair store. I had grown up around computers because of my father. I knew I wanted to work in tech, but didn’t know with what. Luke was kind enough to offer me an entry-level position. Over time I worked my way up.

Can you describe your Betabound role and what responsibilities it consists of?

Currently, I’m the Community Manager of Betabound. My job really has two goals. Goal number one is to keep the Betabound community growing. We have new people signing up each week and my job is to make sure that continues. The second, of course, is community management. As Betabound’s Community Manager, it’s my responsibility to keep everyone in the community engaged and provide opportunities that allow everyone to interact with the broader community. It’s a lot of making sure everyone in the community has some channel for voicing their opinion, letting them know their voice is appreciated, and also just providing as many different ways and opportunities to engage as possible.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I like coming up with new and creative ways to engage people within our community. There are a lot of things we try regularly to foster community engagement — whether that’s through fun surveys, t-shirt giveaways, or other things. There’s a lot of really interesting ways to interact with Betabounders. I definitely like working hard to keep everybody engaged.

Where is Betabound headed as a community?

That’s a really good question — really just in the same direction it’s currently headed, we just are working to expand everything. Currently, we offer a lot of different beta testing opportunities. That said, there are still areas where we would like to grow more. A part of that expansion is reliant on how many people we add to the community in the near future. The more people that sign up, the faster we grow, the bigger the tests get, and the more tests we can host. It all goes back to our core goal. We really want to be the one-stop shop for beta testing for testers. So if you are a person who likes to test things, Betabound is the biggest place to come to find and join the most testing opportunities.

As a Community Manager, thoughts on the future of Betabound?

I think Betabound is in a good place where people can frequently hear about new opportunities and apply for a lot of tests. That being said, we have a lot of areas where we plan on growing in the future. If we continue to have a huge amount of testers interested, we’ll have more options on how many tests we can run. We’re not quite there yet, where everyone in the community has a test for them, but I think we can get there in the future. Eventually, everyone within the community will be able to find a place and tests that are specific to them.


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