How Many Tests Should I Apply For?

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a lot going on in the Betabound community. As a member, you’ll receive emails regularly on new, exclusive tests that we’re running. In addition to those exclusives, we constantly feature new opportunities with other companies and startups on the Betabound homepage. If you’ve been a Betabounder for a while, however, you also know how competitive being selected for our exclusive tests can be and how time-consuming a test can be once you’ve been accepted for a project.

So, we often find that our Betabounders try to get strategic with which tests they apply for. They may wait and only apply to really exciting tests. Or they may be hesitant to apply for the wireless headphones test they were emailed about this morning because they already applied for a similar opportunity the week before.

To clear up any misconceptions, we wanted to give you a little more insight into how our application and selection process works.

You can only apply for a test once

Our platform will only let you apply for a test one time. Sometimes we’ll email our community a few times about a test if it has particularly specific requirements, and we know it’s tough to keep track of which tests you’ve already applied for when you’re going through your inbox. 

If you try to apply for a test again, you’ll automatically be taken to the thank you page at the end of the qualification survey. So, if you’re not sure if you’ve applied for a test yet and you fit the requirements, click the link! We promise you won’t waste your time applying multiple times to the same test.

You’ll only be selected for one test at a time

Our general rule is to only allow a tester to be in one test at a time. We know that our members lead normal lives with everyday obligations, which would make it tough to juggle more than one test at a time. If you somehow end up on two Betabound Exclusive tests at once, let us know and we’ll correct the issue right away. We’d much prefer that than having you burn yourself out trying to do too much at once!

Do keep in mind that many of the opportunities on the Betabound homepage are run by other companies, so we have no idea if you’re involved in those tests. It’s up to you to balance your commitments if you’re testing for multiple companies at once.

Doing well in tests will help you get selected for future tests

You might be thinking, “but if I can only be in one test at a time, shouldn’t I wait and only apply to the really, really cool ones?” The problem is, those tests are our most popular ones and therefore the most difficult to get into. So if you start by only applying to those, you might be frustrated when you aren’t selected.

Every time you participate in a test and do a good job, you’re proving yourself as a tester. This can help you get into future tests because we know we can rely on you to give great, thoughtful feedback to our clients. So, consider starting off with a few of our more niche tests, where you can stand out as a great tester, instead of waiting around to apply for the big tests.

We hope this shines a little light on how the application and selection process works for our tests. Just remember, the two most important aspects of qualifying for a test are fitting the requirements and displaying enthusiasm for the test. Without those, you won’t be accepted into any of our exclusive opportunities!

Look for your next test now!

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