Becoming a Betabound Member

The Betabound homepage has a lot of great opportunities from a wide variety of companies. To get access to our Betabound Exclusive tests, however, you’ll need to be a member of Betabound. These tests are run inside the Betabound portal by our team of professional beta managers. Over the years we’ve offered beta testing opportunities from incredible companies like Logitech, HP, T-Mobile, and hundreds more. Betabound members get early and often exclusive access to these tests, so it’s worth taking the time to fill out your profile. It’s completely free and takes about five minutes. Get started here.

Basic Account Settings

The first thing you’ll do when creating your Betabound account is to provide basic information like your name, email address, and login information (username & password). The email address you provide here is extremely important, since all our early and exclusive beta announcements are sent to this address.

Member Profile

Your member profile includes information about you, your interests, experience, and how you would like us to contact you. This information is used as part of our recruitment process to ensure that we’re sending you opportunities that fit your demographics and interests.

Test Platforms

In addition to information about you, it’s important for us to know the types of products you own and use. These are called test platforms, as they’re often used as the platform for the products you’ll be testing. For example you may be testing software that runs on a computer, so by adding your computer as a test platform we’ll be able to send you opportunities that match the specific devices you own.

Protip: Be sure to add all your devices, including your phone!

Next Steps

Once you’ve completed your profile you’re eligible to receive early beta test announcements. These announcements will be for Betabound exclusive tests, meaning only Betabound members can join the tests. These opportunities are for all sorts of tech products, but they’re all run through the Betabound community, so you’ll have a similar beta testing experience each time. We announce exclusive opportunities to Betabound members before we post them on the Betabound homepage, so members will have a head start on signing up.

Protip: Add to your contacts so none of the announcements get stuck in your spam filter.

Your Privacy is Important

We would never sell your information. Centercode (our parent company) is in the business of managing beta tests and developing our beta software — and nothing else. Your information is used only for beta testing purposes. Read our complete privacy policy for more details.