Fresh Updates to Betabound

As you may have noticed, Betabound is now sporting a refreshed look! In addition to our new look, we have added some exciting new features, that you can also find in our customer communities. 

Updated Account Settings Page


The next time you log in, a page will pop up that looks like the screenshot above. This is because your Phone Number and Address are now part of your Personal Account Settings page. By entering your phone number and address, you will be authenticating your testing account and making Betabound a more secure place without any bots or junk accounts.

This also gives you a convenient place to keep these up to date if anything changes, and gives our team more flexibility to reach you if we have an exciting opportunity or update to a project you’ve applied for.

This form will include verifications for your information so be sure to avoid any typos!

Introducing The Centercode Mobile App



You can now download the Centercode mobile app via your Android smartphone or iPhone. With the Centercode app, you’ll be able to log in and update your Betabound User Profiles and Test Platforms and keep track of other customer communities you have joined.

If you have any feedback on our latest update, please reach out to

Happy testing!

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