Community Survey: What Motivates You?

Note: This survey is no longer active, but keep checking back for future opportunities!

We’ve launched a new community survey to help us learn about what motivates you as a Betabounder! We’re interested in discovering things like what your primary reason was for joining Betabound, if you’ve participated in our private Betabound Exclusive tests, and what you generally enjoy about beta testing with us!

Both the Betabound and Centercode websites have some exciting changes coming up. As such, we wanted to feature testimonials and headshots of the awesome testers behind our community! So, this survey also allows you to (optionally) upload a photo of yourself for the chance of being featured in a mosaic of tester-submitted photos and quotes we’re planning on showcasing on our websites!

To take our What Motivates You? Survey, please sign into your Betabound account. From there, click the “What Motivates You” link beneath the “Surveys” tab in the sidebar. It should take you no more than ten minutes to complete.

What Motivates You Community Survey Screenshot

We’re excited to hear why you joined Betabound, and to review your submissions! If you have any questions about the survey, or suggestions for the Betabound team, please email us at or comment below!

Take our What Motivates You Survey Now!