Announcing Product Surveys!

We’ve launched product surveys! Similar to our community surveys, the results of these surveys aim to teach us more about the testers within the Betabound community. Our community surveys have been an awesome tool for gauging things like trends in home automation and fitness wearable early adoption, as well as your reasons for joining Betabound. However, these big trend community surveys don’t always let us get the product-specific data our team needs. With the launching of product surveys, we’re hoping to dive deeper into your specific likes and dislikes regarding the technology products you already own.

How Are These Different From Test Platforms?

Test platforms tell us what technology you own, whereas the results of these product surveys tell us your thoughts about these products. It’s important to keep your test platforms up-to-date so our team knows to contact you for (let’s say) a smart home product that’s compatible with the Nest thermostat you’ve added as a test platform. Continuing on this thread, product surveys help us better understand what you like and dislike about your Nest thermostat so we can better understand that platform’s overall customer acceptance within our community.

Where Do I Find These Surveys?

You can access product surveys by logging into your Betabound account and clicking on the ‘Product Surveys’ link to the left of your portal homepage.

Betabound Platform Homepage Product Surveys Link

A list of our active product surveys will then appear. When you see a product you own, click the link to complete that product’s unique survey. We’ll be regularly updating this list with new technology products, so keep checking back for new surveys for other products you may own.

List of Betabound Product Surveys

Why Should I Take Them?

When we talk to our clients, it’s important for us to know what consumer trends are emerging within our own community of beta testers — especially your opinions of popular tech products and brands! These surveys help us not only learn more about you as a beta tester, but also help our clients see trends regarding their product’s hits, misses, and opportunities to improve based on their competition.

As a community of early adopters, your view is important to the product managers who are designing these tech products. Our clients are always interested to know more about the tech products that are gaining momentum in the industry, from you (our testers) point of view. Our goal is to offer more beta testing opportunities that genuinely interest you. These community surveys offer us unique insights about you, our community – which helps us attract new companies to come beta test with us (win-win!).

Our test managers look for testers that are active within the community because those are the users that are more likely to participate within a beta test. Completing these product surveys is a great way to show you’re an active Betabounder, as well as help us attract new tech companies to run beta tests for! If you have any questions about product surveys, please feel free to comment below or email us at

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