Adding and Managing Your Test Platforms

You just got a new smartphone and you’re pretty excited about it! So, naturally, the first thing you did was spend all day finding excuses to use its cool new features. However, there’s a good chance you forgot one other pretty awesome activity you could do with your new device. By telling Betabound about your new hardware purchases you can increase your odds of participating in betas that use those devices.

When you buy a new hardware device (like an iPhone), take the time to add your new device to your existing list of test platforms in your Betabound profile. If you don’t tell us that you bought a new device, we won’t know to send you new opportunities specific to that device. By taking the time to keep your Betabound profile up to date, you can dramatically increase the amount of relevant beta opportunities that we can tell you about. Make sure to tell us about the new devices you own and we’ll make sure to invite you to awesome betas where you can test cool products using them. Check out our quick video about how to add new platforms and update your existing ones.

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